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The Storyteller - Now Available on BookDepository

Have you ever wondered who are those people who are telling all those stories? Where do they hide, what do they think, and who they love?


Do you want to know an answer to one ultimate queston? - What happens when a Storyteller falls in love? 


Find out in this novel. The Storyteller is Now Available on BookDepository with Free Shipping.

"And it sounds so easy in the stories, even when it’s not. Even when there are millions of obstacles, heroes know exactly what to do. There is always a way out. But the problem with real life is, there is not. And storytellers, you know what their problem is? There are millions of worlds in their heads. They know magic, and love, and hatred, and they have a metaphor for every feeling you can imagine. As tellers, they are fantastic. But when they become characters, it changes completely."

The Storyteller by Andrea Tomić

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Books by contemporary Croatian authors that I recommend to you

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1. The Storyteller - Andrea Tomić




Terrible things can happen when a storyteller falls in love.

There are thousands of stories of forbidden loves, many of them including a princess and a slave. When you live in a world of nine kingdoms and each has its own rulers and legends, the chances of not hearing a story like that are minimal.

Ever since her father, the king of the Third kingdom, passed away, princess Rachelle has been entertained by her servant Daniel. He would tell her his own stories or the ones she had already heard. None of this would be a problem if he hadn't fallen in love in with her over the years.
Now not only does he need to spend every day near his loved one knowing she could never love him back, but he has to hide every glimpse of his feelings. Because if he doesn't, he might get killed.
But when the princess starts feeling the same way, their fairy tale begins.
However, unlike every other story he had ever told, this one might not have a happy ending. This time the Storyteller became a character and lost his possibility of creating happy ending.


Some of you might have noticed that I reviewed this book not a long time ago, but one thing that I forgot to mention is that I absolutely loved every single word of it. (Oh, and just to mention that all three of these books are among my favorites.)

I loved the simplicity of it, the beautiful and flowing writing style. What I noticed is the difference between "home" reviews and foreign ones. I am going to tell you now that this story isn't filled with drama, action or anything similar so don't expect that. It's not a revolutionary tale, it's a simple. gentle, kind and very good cliche that tells a story of two people who loved each other. 


You can buy the paperback edition of the book on CreateSpace, on Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. Kindle version is also available on Amazon, as it can be read in Kindle Unlimited. 

This is the book's Goodreads pageFacebook pageInstagram page and author's Instagram page.


Soon the author will hold a big giveaway in which can participate everybody who buys the paperback copy of the book!

2. Republic of Stone - Tanja Radman( Lex Legis #1, free for your Kindle April 21st and 22nd)





After decades of dictatorship of the tyrant Rector, a resistance awakens alongside the truth withheld from the young heroes, who suddenly face tasks beyond their understanding. Learning about their magical origin, as well as the powers they gained in a rather bloody way, five young sorcerers are preparing for another war - one which might change everything, or even worse, nothing at all.

'Republic of Stone' is a historical fantasy novel situated in the medieval times of the Republic of Ragusa (today Dubrovnik, Croatia). It is the first of the Lex Legis series, which was translated into English after the Croatian paperback version sold out in two editions. Combining real historical places, events and characters with elements of Slavic mythology and pure epic fantasy, this book will take you on a journey you will never forget. If you decide to be adventurous and visit Dubrovnik, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, you will be able to carry this book around real locations you can still visit today and relive the amazing magic battles from the story, bow before the evil Rector’s statue and defiantly whisper the forbidden sentence only the members of the Lunarian secret society know, learn about the hidden magical life of one of the most famous Croatian medieval scientists – Marin Ghetaldus, and walk the streets where the young heroes of this book learned about their destiny…

DISCLAIMER: This is not a historical book! While many elements of the story come from the actual history of Dubrovnik, the story itself is fantasy. The goal of the book was to give the readers a chance to get acquainted with the history of the Republic of Ragusa through an interesting and innovative scope of epic fantasy literature. The appendix of the book, appropriately titled ‘What is real and what is not?’, will give the reader a good review of actual historical elements of the story.


Oh, I just can't describe how much I loved this book! It has everything I ever loved: magic, history, love and Dubrovnik(for those of you who don't know, it's where they filmed scenes in King's Landing.) It's epic, it's well-written, has likeable characters and just makes you want more and more and more! Big recommendation from me.(Note: I read Croatian edition of this book, I heard that this one even has a list of explanations who some people were in real life and similar things).

You can get your Kindle edition here, paperback edition will be available next month. Also, here is Goodreads page and author's  webpage.

Also, check out this beautiful trailer!


3. Everwind - Barbara Mišković



Deep in the dark and dreary Scandinavian forest there lies an ancient fortress of Stormgard. It is an orphanage for talented children who posses the priceless gift of magic. Unfortunately, after the dreadful war that nearly devastated Stormgard it became difficult for the Archmage to find new teachers for his apprentices. A beautiful, fire-haired woman from Great Britain applies for the job of an enchantress but Torval is unsure if she's really cut out for the job. Little does he know that their new enchantress has a secret. A secret so great that it could change everything!


This isn't author's first book, but chronologically it is the first one in order and currently her only one in English. Everything about this book is magical. It is your YA fantasy story that is well-told, fun, easy and enjoyable read. If you're lover of the genre, what are you waiting for?

You can get book from Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. In my next one, I will talk about my favourite European classics!

Lots of love!

Book Love Story: Why I love romance books

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It's all about love during the Valentine's Week. Each day of the Valentine's week will present one book love story with a different genre insight. Today, it's all about romance books. We're happy to welcome Cat's Books: Romance on BookLikes blog. 


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A guest post by Cat's Books: Romance



I unabashedly love Romance Novels.


I love them as at the center of the best ones are optimism, human connection, and feminism. The Happily Ever After promise allows the reader to explore very dark themes at times wit the knowledge that there will be hope and love no matter what. 


Because the main stay of romance is the find of a partner, the question of how to build a lasting connection and all the psychological l complexity of that quests shapes every romance. Most every romance is female centered. Female desire and viewpoints control the narrative.  


The genre is vast spanning  from science fiction, fantasy, new adult, young adult, contemporary, paranormal, historical, comedy, erotic, and eventing new sub genres all the time. 


In Romance, we can see the changing of social norms and the critical effort to see and explore through character and the lens of love hate and discrimination in all its forms while loving the body in all its diversity and sexuality which houses us all. 


At its best, the genre leads the way and it has a heck of a lot of fun at the same time. 


Here are some great love stories,  you should try.

Let It Shine by Alyssa Cole: Historical Interracial Romance set during the Civll Rights Era

Kulti by Mariana Zapata:   Contemporary Slow Burn Soccer Romance

To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt: Historical  Plain Heroine and with a Hero with PTSD

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison: Paranormal Dragon Shifter Hero and Thief Heroine

Kulti - Mariana Zapata Let It Shine - Alyssa B. Cole To Seduce a Sinner - Elizabeth Hoyt Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison



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